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Pegasus Prestige

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Pegasus Prestige Services, our sister company, provides precise up to date intelligence worldwide. Our bilingual personnel are carefully selected from the police, military and security industries. You can specify either a male or female operative. We take great pride in our professional quality of work, an uncompromising determination to achieve active excellence in every job.

Pegasus Prestige Services is an exclusive company where you are in immediate contact with professionals committed to provide specialist services such as:


· Personal Protection - we have protected royal families, ministers, presidents and high risk executives.
· Anti-stalking - it has become common, now Pegasus Prestige Services has the answers to correct.
· Witness Protection - specialist teams have always made this area safe and pleasant for the client.
· International Child Abduction Recovery - so far we have a 100% success rate. We have extraction teams at hand and necessary organisations ready for all eventualities.


· Convert/overt surveillance - we have a range of techniques used here to gain both observational and technical info. We use various equipments including cameras, bugging devices, GSM tracking systems and many more where needed.
· Counter Espionage - we at Pegasus Prestige Services have computer specialist and intelligence officers who provide a confident and proficient service. Because we have a vast understanding of technical espionage our services are used by governmental and commercial sectors.


· Security - Pegasus Prestige Services has been a leading security firm with seven years of successful reputable experience that has been providing a wide range of quality services. We are motivated to serve at our best in terms of efficiency and responsibility to meet the maximum satisfaction requirements and needs of its impressive clientele.
· Litigation support - we at Pegasus Prestige Services always provide proficient services for every single area of the legal sector. Most of our clients have long term contracts with us in the form of corporate intelligence investigations,due dilligence and counter espionage.
· Due dilligence - we utilise our intelligence gathering and investigation capabilities which makes us able to provide a full picture enabling sound policy decisions and protection against fraudulent business ventures.


· Maritime security - we are known to provide maritime security whether speed boats or large vessels. We have located many stolen boats on behalf of insurance companies. This makes our knowledge more fundamental in safekeeping, protecting or recovery of the vessels or boats or even helping through our insurance underwriters.
· International Valuable Transportation and Protect - from sensitive documents to precious stones we have done international transportation for many years. Safeguarding the product and keeping our clients happy and smiling.
· Supply of security vehicles (All types) - we can supply any type of security vehicle whether bullet proof or bomb proof. We have B6 security/ B8 security vehicles available for use.

Due to confitiality and sensitive nature of service, please call

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